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At SEFFACORP Plc, your security and privacy are two of our major responsibilities. We make sure we keep your personal and financial information secure and save. You can trust us and feel confident using our services anytime and anywhere.

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Welcome to Security Finance

SEcurity Finance Fako Atlantic CORPoration (SEFFACORP) Plc is a financial institution created in 2000 and 4 in Cameroon. Its Head Office is in Buea, at the foot of the Fako mountain on one side, and off the Atlantic ocean on the other side. With its Head Office located at the ultra modern FAKOSHIP building, this financial institution was born to play host to locals, nationals and internationals.

Currently, SEFFACORP Plc has 5 branches in Buea, Molyko, Limbe, Muyuka and Tiko. It already has prospects to expand its services beyong Fako Division to other Divisions in the South West Province, as well as other provinces in Cameroon. Its clientele includes businesses, civil servants, employees of public and private institutions, everyone, including you and me, who understands the need to SAVE for the short as well as long term.

At Security Finance, you get complete financial security, be it in your savings or deposits or your salaries, loans or credits.

At Security Finance, you can withdraw or deposit your money within minutes at any branch that is closest to you, thus saving your time and money to travel to your account resident branch.

We also provide Western Union services at all our branches, thus playing our own role in making the world a Global Village.

We have a powerful and competent staff force, with a strong desire to provide you with best services. We are ready to answer all your questions, and also give you advice on how to best manage your account and your business.

At SEFFACORP Plc we use high technology to perform our daily operations. Our software, KINGS BANK, is most reliable and most efficient. It makes sure your data is save and secure, and minimises the risks of errors. It is a real Bank Manager.

If you are not sure where to begin,
just give us a call at:
(237) 33 32 33 18.

Ol boy, wetin you still di wait? Na Security Finance I de go so!! Now, now so-oo!!.

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Kings Computer Services
  1. The computer at your service.
  2. We provide KING services to our clients.
  3. Our products and services include:

  1. It is not a bank, but a bank manager.
  2. It is not a person, but a software.
  3. It can be used in banks and financial institutions to manage daily banking operations, generate periodic and annual reports, ...

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  1. This is beyond banking.
  2. It is online banking.
  3. It makes banking very easy and convenient for you.
  4. It is very secure and safe.
  5. Share photos, blog, ...

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  1. It is  website, not only for Tiko residents in the USA, but for all sons and daughters of Tiko.
  2. It is also for anyone who has, or has had interests in Tiko.

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  1. It is a social networking website.
  2. For you to meet old friends.
  3. And make new ones.
  4. For you to re-unite with family members.
  5. Share photos, blog, ...

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